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  • The QuickSafe LPG system shown with the Manual changeover regulator (cylinders not included)
  • The QuickSafe system is easy to put together
  • Appliance pack fittings - the exact amount will depend on the pack that you choose
  • The QuickSafe stand is fully collapsible
  • The QuickSafe LPG system
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QuickSafe LPG system for Gazebo & Marquees

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Full Specs

Working with Quicksafe:
Makes LPG safe and easy to use
Setup Time:
5 minutes
Manual or Automatic changeover
2 - 5 working days
10.00 KGS
Usually Delivered in Two Working Days
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The QuickSafe LPG system is a practical, affordable and legal solution.


Not sure which QuickSafe System you need? Find out here


The rig can be assembled in under five minutes and uses a simple push-to-fit valve system. That means that all connections are quick, easy and safe to set up. 

The system comes with one stand that can accommodate 13kg, 19kg and 47kg cylinders, so that all your bases are covered.

There are two types of regulator to suit your needs; manual changeover or automatic. The automatic system draws off one gas cylinder until this is empty and then automatically switches to the reserve and the manual system allows you to draw gas from two cylinders, giving you double the power!

The valve connections make the system expandable (up to the max capacity of your cylinders, feeder hose & regulator) to make sure the right amount of gas gets to the appliances. 

The CSR OPSO safety valve stops the gas flow if regulated pressure becomes greater than a defined value and the gas pressure exceeds more than that which the pipework or gas appliances were designed for. 


There is a 20% restocking charge on all non faulty returns.


What QuickSafe looks like



This isn't just a matter of getting a certificate, this is a matter of Life and Death. 

An NCASS survey of festivals and public events in 2010 revealed shocking standards of gas installations that had been signed off as 'safe'.

Since then there have several reported cases of gas explosions at outside catering units. It's likely that lots more have gone unreported too. But if this issue isn't taken seriously, a major incident is going to happen. And that could jeopardise the entire events industry or lead to excessive legislation.

 4.jpg  Why we don't like them...

 The worm drive itself can bite into the hose and cause damage
 Serrated or pierced inner rings bite into the hose and can cause damage too
 The 'tightness' is subjective so could potentially be unsafe

They're no good for low pressure installations...

 There's no way of knowing if the device is over-tightened and causing damage to the hose
 You can't tell if the device had come loose so wouldn't know if it's not giving an effective seal (unless a gas leak test is carried out every time it's used)
 It can be easily loosened for malicious purposes
 When re-used they don't always form a consistent amount of pressure on the hose 

If you are still going to use worm dive hose clips, opt for those with a smooth inner ring rather than the serrated or pierced type. Only ever tighten them enough to prevent gas escaping - going too tight is likely to crush or damage the hose or the connector. 

Best practice for connections

Use suitable factory fitted swaged or crimped connectors to secure each end low pressure hoses - like those shown in the picture



The best solution? A gas distribution system which allows connection by the trader, to connect to installation pipework. 

As long as the installation was provided by a qualified Gas Safe engineer or producer covered by the Factories Act in the first place, traders could assemble the installation without breaching regulations. 

Introducing the QuickSafe LPG System, named as such because it’s quick 
and safe to set up and use.


Click here to see how easy it is to assemble the Quicksafe LPG System 

     Please note that all gas appliances should be certified annually by a Gas Engineer with certificates in mobile catering. NCASS members can access the details of over 65 gas engineers by simply logging into your control panel. Should you have any queries about any of our engineers please don't hesitate to call Dan on 0121 603 2524.




Full Specs

Working with Quicksafe:
Makes LPG safe and easy to use
Setup Time:
5 minutes
Manual or Automatic changeover
2 - 5 working days